Welcome to 9thGenAccord.org!

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A note from the admin

Hi folks! As you can see this a brand new website, so there’s not much to chew on right now. Gotta start somewhere, right? The goal is for this to be a bustling forum and community dedicated to the 9th Generation Honda Accord, and to offer you a cleaner, easier-to-use spin on the old, crusty car forum sites (with all due respect). Here you’ll have awesome, Facebook-like user profiles and walls, simple but feature-rich forum posting, and powerful communication tools, all in a responsive design that looks slick and is easy to read on any device! So what are you waiting for? Register now and start filling out your profile, adding your topics to the forums, and spreading the awesome!.

If you run into any snags or have any requests or suggestions, I’m all ears! I’m also looking for help building content and moderating the site. Contact me directly on my profile page, or email me at: admin AT 9thgenaccord.org.

Big thanks!.

- Nick.